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DW170S 17" Folding Articulated LCD Wall Mount Arm & Bracket

DW170S  17" Folding Articulated LCD Wall Mount Arm & VESA Bracket (ex-D1680S)


* Dimensions:
- Maximum Length: 17" distance extended from wall to rear of VESA monitor mounting plate.
- Minimum Length totally folded against wall: 5.5"
- VESA mount hole pattern: 75 & 100 mm.
- Base: 4" W x 5.5" H

* Reg. Price: $138.00
* Introductory Sale Price: $99.00 + $15.00 Shipping (contiguos US)

Printable LCD Monitor Mounts page (PDF)

This is a solid cantilever folding LCD monitor arm. Its has the capability of extending out the monitor to the desired position, and then pushing it back towards the wall, almost flush, when the extended reach is not necessary.

DW170S LCD cantilever arm showing adjustable swivel articulations

DW170S LCD cantilever arm totally folded against the wall

Its viewing possibilities are quite unlimited, as the monitor can face almost anywhere: more than 90 degrees to any side as well as 100% to the floor or ceiling. It can also be aimed around a corner. The monitor can also be viewed in landscape or potrait mode thanks to the 360 degree rotation of the VESA mounting plate. Ideal for special projects.

Multiple articulations: the above movements are possible due to its multiple articulations: 1) next to the wall base (swivel 180 degrees); 2) elbow (swivel 360 degrees); 3) at VESA plate (swivel 180 degrees); 4) at VESA plate (tilt up or down 90 degrees); 5) rotation (360 degrees).

* Torque adjustment: the torque (smoothness) of the articulations can be easily adjusted by using the provided torque wrench. The three swivel and articulation adjustment bolts are shown in the image above (swivel motions), while the tilt articulation adjustment bolt can be seen below.

DW170S Foldable LCD Wall Arm -double adjustable articulation for rotate, tilt & swivel motions of VESA monitor mount


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